Michelle von Ruschinski

"You want to make music, but haven't studied music? You can never do that. ”I often had to listen to sentences like this because I only "like to sing”. Then I accidentally discovered Amir's workshop on the Internet. The day before the workshop I was really excited. How is it going to be? The workshop gave me exactly what I was waiting for. In a way that is easy to understand, Amir the basics of music that are essential for pop songs in a practical ready to use manner. In addition to the theory, current examples from pop music are analyzed and then you start writing on the spot: First drafts for songs including 2 verses and a chorus were created within two days, which I probably would not have come to on my own. Of course, this takes some practice, but Amir was also able to take away my self-imposed blocks. The workshop was a complete success for me!

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