Termin: So. 31.05.2020 | Als Songwriter ist es essenziell Objektivität zur eigenen Musik zu entwickeln und konstruktive Kritik als Möglichkeit zu sehen, das volle Potential Deiner Musik zu verwirklichen. In Modul 8 der Songwriting Academy you will learn to present your song professionally, to use criticism for your own benefit and to give others your professional feedback. You will learn to increase your presence during appearances and to increase your energy through attention training. Wanna be the first to know about upcoming workshops? Subscribe to Academy News


- Present your music professionally
- Use criticism and understand it as a source of inspiration
- Give criticism professionally


- Song analysis of each student's song
- Appearance analysis - attitude, impact, non-verbal communication


- Increase presence through body attention training
- Perform your song optimally
- Accept and use criticism and praise


– So. 31.05.2020 | 10:30h – 18:00h | Register now | Next: Oktober/2020
- From 4 participants
- Personal advice: 0176 38552759


"The workshops as well as Amir with his infectious enthusiasm for the songwriting itself, have suddenly made it easy for me to retrieve my creativity, which I have lost in everyday life. The song ideas came from all alone, where you usually spend hours sitting in front of a blank sheet of paper. You can easily find out in the workshops how much potential songwriting has in one. This, together with the theory that Amir teaches so easily, was a great trailblazer for me, and I would recommend it to anyone. "
Sophie FreudenbergBerlin
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