Next Workshop: 12th Jan. 2019 | The vocal melody is the element that draws the listener most into the music and remains in the memory for the longest time. In module 3 of the Songwriting Academy you learn what makes great melodies, how to captivate the listener through contrasts and repetitions, and how to create maximum emotional response from the listener by varying the rhythm and pitch. Current workshops by mail: Subscribe to Academy News


- What makes melodies unforgettable?
- Where to start? Verses or chorus?
- Melody progression and melody development


- Learn from the big ones: Melody Analysis of Hit Songs
- Dramaturgy and Contrasts (verses - Pre-Chorus - Chorus)


- write catchy melodies yourself
- Composition through improvisation
- Improve your tunes


?⬇︎? Unit Vocal Melody Mastery | (Value: 39 € | Price: free)?⬇︎

"The 5 biggest mistakes in vocal melodies and how you avoid them."


Sun. Jan. 12th 2020 – 10:30h – 18:00h Register now | Next: April/2020
- From 4 participants
- Personal advice: 0176 38552759 0176 38552759

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What musicians say about the Songwriting Academy

In order to constantly improve our offer, we ask our participants after each workshop for a written feedback and their criticism, because we consider criticism as a way to improve ourselves. Below is a small selection of feedback we received from Songwriting Academy participants and individual workshops.

Songcraftrs Songwriting Workshop Academy Berlin Review Sandro Kortler Amir Rahimzadeh Anita Beat

Nita auf Youtube. EP Veröffentlichung Herbst 2016.

Songcraftrs Songwriting Workshop Academy Berlin Review Sandro Kortler Amir Rahimzadeh

Sandro auf Youtube.



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