Sa. 08.08.2020 // 10:30h-18:30 (ONLINE WORKSHOP)

Chords are fundamental to every song. The selection and progression of chords tell the story even without the use of words. The right chords are the basis for every successful song.

In module 1 of the Songwriting Academy you learn 3 different ways to write catchy chord progressions. You will finally understand how chords work and at the end of the workshop you will be able to write chord progressions effortless in any key.

During the workshop you develop the chords for 2 full songs including Verse, Pre-Chorus and Chorus. (1 song in a major key, 1 song in a minor key) Wanna be the first to know about upcoming workshops? Subscribe to Academy News


- Chords for 2 full songs (1 in a major key, 1 minor key)
- including Verse, Pre-Chorus and Chorus


- Understanding chords
- Which chords go well together and why?
- Writing catchy chord progressions in MAJOR & MINOR keys
- Writing chords effortless in any key


- How do hit songwriters come up with chords? ( Analyzing chord progressions of hit songs)
- How to create dramaturgy and contrasts (verses - pre-chorus - chorus - bridge).


- at the end you will have finished the chords for 2 songs (1 Major key & 1 Minor key)
- Improve chord progressions
- Using chords as inspiration for surprising melodies
- How to find the chords to an existing melody


- Workbook (pdf)
- Recording of the workshop
- you can repeat the content whenever you like

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Date & Details

– Sa. 08.08.  | 10:30h – 18:30h
- 6hrs live songwriting workshop
- Min. 4 | Max. 6 participants
– Verfügbare Plätze: 6/6
- Price: €240,00
- Your Coach: Amir Rahimzadeh (Whatsapp Me)

Amir, you simply give so much more than just your professional musical know-how, simply by yourself! I wanted to say thank you again for the second songwriting workshop I was able to take part in on February 6th! I enjoyed that you give the participants the space to get involved or ask questions. Also I am inspired by your passion as a musician and your statements that we, as songwriters, touch other people, want to share our uniqueness with each other - they speak to me from the heart! I will always be happy to recommend you.
Sylvia BessiBerlin
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“Man findet in den Workshops ganz leicht heraus, wie viel Potenzial zum Songwriting in einem steckt. Das zusammen mit der Theorie, die Amir so unkompliziert vermittelt, war für mich ein toller Wegbereiter, den ich jedem ans Herz legen kann.”
Sophie, Berlin | Workshop M1-M4 13.12.2017
Amir ist sehr strukturiert und bringt selbst die komplexen Dinge einfach und mit sehr viel Charme und Sympathie bei.
Michael, Berlin | Workshop M1-M4 20.04.2019
„Seine Methode Akkordfolgen für den Song zu finden haben mir, als ungeübtem Musiker, schnell weitergeholfen. Schreibblockaden haben keine Chance mehr.“
Stephanie, Berlin | Workshop “Akkordfolgen für Songwriter” 07.05.2019
“Die Workshops haben mir genau das Handwerk gegeben, auf das ich gewartet habe. Die Workshops waren für mich ein voller Erfolg!”
Michelle, Berlin | Workshop M1-M4 21.11.2017
“Gerade wenn man wieder denkt, dass man eine Schreibblockade hat, ist der Leitfaden, den du uns mit an die Hand gegeben hast, eine tolle Möglichkeit, den Stein der Inspiration wieder ins Rollen zu bringen.”
Max Calmez, Berlin | Workshop am 07.05.2019
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