Next Workshop: 14th Dec. 2019 | Chords are the most important foundation of any song and tell your story even without words. They are the basis for successful songwriting. In Module 1 of the Songwriting Academy you learn a total of 5 unique ways to write catchy chord progressions. You'll finally understand why certain chords work well together and learn the system that stands above individual chords and explains chord progressions regardless of the key. You will already be writing the chord progressions for verses, pre-chorus and chorus of your next song in the workshop. Current workshops by mail: Subscribe to Academy News


- Basic triads (major, minor) - What are chords?
- Which chords go well together and why?
- Catchy chord progressions write in DUR & MOLL
Effortlessly writing in any key.


How do the big ones do it? - Understand chord progressions of hit songs.
Create dramaturgy and contrasts (verses - pre-chorus - chorus - bridge).


- At the end of the workshop, you wrote the chords for a complete song.
- Improve chord progressions.
- Chords as inspiration for songwriting.


- Sat. 14th Dec.2019 | 10: 30h - 18: 00h |  Register now | Next: Sat. 11th Jan. 2020.
- From 4 participants
– Dein Coach: Amir Rahimzadeh (Whatsapp write a message +4917638552759) |

"I especially like the relaxed and informal atmosphere that makes it easier to learn and the variety that your workshops offer. You have a very empathetic way of dealing with people, you never feel pressured. In addition, the fun factor is always a big part of working with you. You give very helpful advice, support your students in everything and are always friendly and patient. Since the workshops I believe more in myself and my lyrics, better solve writing blockades, experimenting with chords and my voice, and overall have more self-confidence in songwriting."
Diana Meyer
Songwriting Academy - 1 Modul
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1 module of Academy (M1-M8)
1 half-day workshop
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Songwriting Academy - 1 Day
€ 240,00
2 modules of Academy (M1-M4)
1 full-day workshop
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Songwriting Academy - 2 Days
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4 modules of Academy
2 full-day workshops
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