The Songwriting Academy empowers you to write your own songs and take your songwriting to the next level.

In 4 full-day workshops (two modules per day), you will learn to apply the fundamentals of music theory in a practical way and implement your ideas quickly and effectively.

The Songwriting Academy (Level I) comprises a total of 8 modules, which can be booked separately.

A 2-week rhythm allows you to stay in the flow and at the same time gives you enough time to repeat the theory and to work out the songwriting tasks.

A restriction to 8 participants allows a personal promotion of your talent and an individual care of your progress.

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Your TRAINER: Amir Rahimzadeh (Whatsapp write a message +4917638552759) |

Workshop language Bilingual Deutsch & English

Academy Highlights

★ Modular structure - Workshops individually assignable

★ Personal feedback in each workshop

★ 8 Ganztags-Workshops

★ Learn from passionate musicians

★ Songwriting tasks between workshops

★ Final presentation and discussion of your song

Songwriting Highlights

✎ Learn master chords and chord progressions

✎ Melody development and voice leading

✎ Understand and apply song structures

✎ Improve expression and text flow

✎ Create balance, tension and contrasts

✎ Ear training and analytical hearing

Coaching Highlights

✓ Confident and authentic as a musician

✓ Undo doubt, frustration and blockages

✓ From "Starving Artist" to "Thriving Artist"

✓ Use the body as a source of creativity

✓ Live your full potential as a musician


Songwriting Academy | Spring/2020

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Songwriting Workshops | Events

▶︎ Jeweils 1 Modul pro Workshop Termin | Zeit: 10:30 – 18:00h

▶︎ M1 "Chord progressions for Songwriter I" | €240,00
Sa. 10.10.2020 – 10:30h – 18:00h
▶︎ M2 „Original Lyrics I“ | €240,00
So. 22.08.2020 – 10:30h – 18:00h
▶︎ M3 Melodies and Hooks " | €240,00
So. 05.09.2020
– 10:30h – 18:00h
▶︎ M4 „Outstanding Lyrics II“ | €240,00
So. 12.09.2020
– 10:30h – 18:00h
▶︎ M5 „Hit Song Structures“ | €240,00
Sa. 26.09.2020
– 10:30h – 18:00h
▶︎ M6 „Spicing up your song“ | €240,00
Sa. 03.10.2020
– 10:30h – 18:00h
▶︎ M7 – Creative Flow "Creative flow instead of blockades and frustration" | €240,00
Sa. 17.10.2020
– 10:30h – 18:00h
▶︎ M8 – Thrilling your audience: "What makes you and your music unforgettable." | €240,00
So. 31.10.2020
– 10:30h – 18:00h

Impressions from the last workshop




What musicians say about the Songwriting Academy

In order to constantly improve our offer, we ask our participants after each workshop for a written feedback and their criticism, because we consider criticism as a way to improve ourselves. Below is a small selection of feedback we received from Songwriting Academy participants and individual workshops.

"The workshops as well as Amir with his infectious enthusiasm for the songwriting itself, have suddenly made it easy for me to retrieve my creativity, which I have lost in everyday life. The song ideas came from all alone, where you usually spend hours sitting in front of a blank sheet of paper. You can easily find out in the workshops how much potential songwriting has in one. This, together with the theory that Amir teaches so easily, was a great trailblazer for me, and I would recommend it to anyone. "

Sophie FreudenbergBerlin

"I especially like the relaxed and informal atmosphere that makes it easier to learn and the variety that your workshops offer. You have a very empathetic way of dealing with people, you never feel pressured. In addition, the fun factor is always a big part of working with you. You give very helpful advice, support your students in everything and are always friendly and patient. Since the workshops I believe more in myself and my lyrics, better solve writing blockades, experimenting with chords and my voice, and overall have more self-confidence in songwriting."

Diana Meyer

Songcraftrs Songwriting Workshop Academy Berlin Review Sandro Kortler Amir Rahimzadeh music video von Sandro auf Youtube ansehen.


More testimonials

Amir, you simply give so much more than just your professional musical know-how, simply by yourself! I wanted to say thank you again for the second songwriting workshop I was able to take part in on February 6th! I enjoyed that you give the participants the space to get involved or ask questions. Also I am inspired by your passion as a musician and your statements that we, as songwriters, touch other people, want to share our uniqueness with each other - they speak to me from the heart! I will always be happy to recommend you.

Sylvia BessiBerlin

"You want to make music, but haven't studied music? You can never do that. ”I often had to listen to sentences like this because I only "like to sing”. Then I accidentally discovered Amir's workshop on the Internet. The day before the workshop I was really excited. How is it going to be? The workshop gave me exactly what I was waiting for. In a way that is easy to understand, Amir the basics of music that are essential for pop songs in a practical ready to use manner. In addition to the theory, current examples from pop music are analyzed and then you start writing on the spot: First drafts for songs including 2 verses and a chorus were created within two days, which I probably would not have come to on my own. Of course, this takes some practice, but Amir was also able to take away my self-imposed blocks. The workshop was a complete success for me!

Michelle von RuschinskiBerlin

Sehr empfehlenswert, leicht verständliche Theorie, sehr gut erklärt, gut gewählte Song-Beispiele, Spaß bei der Anwendung in der Praxis. Mit Leidenschaft für die Musik! 🙂 Herzlichen Dank.

Katrin HinzBerlin

The academy is Higly recommended! Given from not just a „teacher“ but an excellent songwriter and musician himself. Plus Amir Rahimzadeh is an incredibly generous person who knows the ins and outs of the art as well as the art of meeting the creative struggle! Get in on his workshops.

"Amir is an incredibly friendly, open-minded person who is always awake, fulfilling the needs of his musicians and a master in creating a creative, harmonious atmosphere. In his workshops Amir always meets the different needs and qualifications of the students. No one is over- or under-challenged, and what has already been learned is experienced anew through a changed perspective. Practical songwriting tools motivate you to learn and try it yourself, and his open nature makes you feel like you can always contact him after the workshop.

Lukas Benjamin EngelBerlin

Gut strukturierte und sehr umfangreiche Workshops. Mich hat vor allem Deine Leidenschaft für die Musik und für das, was Du unterrichtest sehr inspiriert. Vielen Dank.


Ein super Kurs um als Musikanfänger einen Einstieg in die Musiktheorie zu bekommen. Besonders das Skript ist sehr übersichtlich. Ich fand es gut, dass du Übungsaufgaben eingeschoben hast. Nur durch’s machen lernt man 😉 Danke nochmal für den Workshop.

Jochen Hencke

Academy Deals, Packages and Bundles

Our claim to the Academy is to offer only first-class courses. State-of-the-art songwriting tools that immediately lead to better results. We believe that we can provide the best for our students through an ongoing revision of course content. We also believe that our excellent course and workshop offerings should be accessible to everyone. For this reason, we also offer all courses as individual modules, You decide what you need. More offers and Packages you find here.

Songwriting Academy - 1 Day
€ 240,00
1 full-day workshop
+ Free Drinks
+ Free Snacks
Songwriting Academy - 2 Days
€ 480,00
2 full-days workshops
+ Free Drinks
+ Free Snacks
Songwriting Academy - 4 Days
€ 960,00
4 full-day workshops
+ Free Drinks
+ Free Snacks

Payment options

Academy - 1 Day Academy - 2 Days Academy - 3 Days Academy - 4 Days
1 Ganztagesworkshop (M1-M8) 2 Ganztagesworkshops (M1-M8) 3 Ganztagesworkshops (M1-M8) All 8 workshop modules
of Songwriting Academy
Price € 240,00 € 480,00 € 720,00 € 1920,00

Workshop Location

The workshops will take place in the premises of the Sprachmafia Berlin at Kranoldplatz 7, 12051 Berlin. There are numerous cafés and restaurants in the area for lunch.

You have a question? Write me a Whatsapp Message +4917638552759

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❌ Fällt es dir schwer, moderne, zeitgemäße Lyrics zu schreiben? ⛔️ Fühlst du dich beim Schreiben oft blockiert?

❌ Fällt es dir schwer, moderne, zeitgemäße Lyrics zu schreiben? ⛔️ Fühlst du dich beim Schreiben oft blockiert?

✍️ Dann ist unser brandneuer Songwriting Online Kurs „Original Lyrics“ vielleicht genau das richtige für dich.

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