✔︎ Do you want to release your first single on iTunes, Spotify and Youtube this year?
✔︎ Do you finally want to write your own songs and start as a singer-songwriter?
✔︎ Do you want to advance your music and your online appearance to Pro-Level ?
Then that's it
Singer-Songwriter Artist Development Programm
is right for you.

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What does the program contain?

Coaching & Mentoring

✔︎ We coach you and help you to write outstanding, authentic songs.
✔︎ 2h / week private lessons (live or online), coaching for 12 weeks. You choose from the following areas.
✔︎ 1-on-1 individual songwriting
✔︎ 1-on-1 music production in Logic Pro
✔︎ 1-on-1 instrumental lessons (guitar, piano)
✔︎ Musician Mindset Coaching (taking self-doubt)

Recording & music production of your single / EP

✔︎ Professional recording of your song
✔︎ Producing your song in the style of your choice
✔︎ Introducing additional instruments (guitar, bass, piano, strings, beats) through us
✔︎ Professional mixing & mastering of your song
✔︎ "Ready to publish" on iTunes, Spotify, Youtube

Your songs on iTunes & Spotify

✔︎ Publish your music on the major music platforms & streaming services
✔︎ Worldwide sale of your music on iTunes
✔︎ Professional appearance as a musician on iTunes & Spotify

Professional artist photo shoot

Professional musician photo shoot
✔︎ Professional editing of your photos
✔︎ Publish Ready for your website
✔︎ For building your online presence & social media (Instagram, Facebook, ...)

Musician website

✔︎ Professional website including music player
✔︎ for the perfect performance as a musician and musician
✔︎ 100% responsive design for perfect presentation on mobile devices (iPhone, iPad, etc.)
✔︎ Select one of 4 templates (see example web pages)
Templates for your artist website
Click to preview

CD production

✔︎ Professional pressing of your music on CD
✔︎ perfect for sale on the next appearance or as a gift
✔︎ Editions from 25 CDs - 300 CD

Professional music video

✔︎ Simple Pro-Looking Music Video
✔︎ ideal for your appearance on Youtube
✔︎ perfect for your Facebook Fan Page
✔︎ due to expenditure negotiable Budget negotiable

Pricing Recording Artist Development Program

Your application

✔︎ Do you want to bring your music and online presence to pro level?
✔︎ Then apply here for a free consultation and for a seat in the Artist Development Program

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❌ Fällt es dir schwer, moderne, zeitgemäße Lyrics zu schreiben? ⛔️ Fühlst du dich beim Schreiben oft blockiert?

❌ Fällt es dir schwer, moderne, zeitgemäße Lyrics zu schreiben? ⛔️ Fühlst du dich beim Schreiben oft blockiert?

✍️ Dann ist unser brandneuer Songwriting Online Kurs „Original Lyrics“ vielleicht genau das richtige für dich.

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